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mcpamelacongia | April 12, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Soy cliente desde años, los productos y los precios son increíbles. Los envíos llegan en España entre 3-4 semanas. Siempre pasan la aduana sin problemas. Estoy muy agradecida de haber encontrado una tienda tan honesta y profesional. Siempre me han atendida con mucho amor y cuidado. Gracias

Tong Jin | March 30, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

The first two shipments have arrived today after about 4 weeks. Passed customs without a problem and I am now looking forward to my ayahuasca experience. Thank you tribematses 🙂

Esthy Baltisberger | March 29, 2021
(Qualification 0/5)

Very recommended.Beautiful smelling and tasting Mapacho.Love it.No problems with customs .Well packaged.

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krzyniubienkowski | March 18, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Recomiendo productos de muy buena calidad

Ronald Böhmer | March 16, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Die bestellte Ware ist angekommen, etwas Geduld sollte man haben. Also rechzeitig bestellen. Getestet habe ich den wax noch nicht, da es erst eingetroffen ist. Ich bestell gern wieder und empfele diese seite. Vielen dank.

Diana Thirring | March 7, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

I absolutely enjoy the service TribeMatses provides. The communication is heartfelt.
This time the Sananga was very strong. I haven't tried the Yopo seeds yet. The Double-Kuripe is beautiful!
Thank you! 💚

Yariel Perez | February 26, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

The first time I ordered from this website Sananga & San Pedro paste but back to Sanangita. It felt like the devil had pissed fire into my eyes!🤩and I love it! I find it perfect to use for meditation after some Rapé. The Rapé grounds you, and then the Sananga opens you up and washes any unwanted energy from your body. By using Sananga, the colors I see are more vibrant and my eyesight improved. It truly is as good as it sounds!
If you are taking the Sanangita Dieta remember do it for 21days And take one week break before starting again. Thank you so much guys, brilliant all round service, sending you all blessings.

YANN CARRAZ | February 24, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Very happy with the coca inka paste!Pure Medicine!Fast and discret shipping.

Esthy Baltisberger | February 17, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Beautuful shop and people.Top service .Great products I love the Rapés and the Extracts.Ecxellent shipping method always passes customs without problems.Very nice conversation and help in the chat.Best Amazonian shop online.Thaaaaaank you.

Joseph Bellitti | February 3, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Top notch tea from a good company! Nothing helps control appetite and improve energy like Peruvian green tea!

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