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Yariel Perez | February 26, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

The first time I ordered from this website Sananga & San Pedro paste but back to Sanangita. It felt like the devil had pissed fire into my eyes!🤩and I love it! I find it perfect to use for meditation after some Rapé. The Rapé grounds you, and then the Sananga opens you up and washes any unwanted energy from your body. By using Sananga, the colors I see are more vibrant and my eyesight improved. It truly is as good as it sounds!
If you are taking the Sanangita Dieta remember do it for 21days And take one week break before starting again. Thank you so much guys, brilliant all round service, sending you all blessings.

YANN CARRAZ | February 24, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Very happy with the coca inka paste!Pure Medicine!Fast and discret shipping.

Esthy Baltisberger | February 17, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Beautuful shop and people.Top service .Great products I love the Rapés and the Extracts.Ecxellent shipping method always passes customs without problems.Very nice conversation and help in the chat.Best Amazonian shop online.Thaaaaaank you.

Joseph Bellitti | February 3, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Top notch tea from a good company! Nothing helps control appetite and improve energy like Peruvian green tea!

Vape66 | January 22, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Great communications, great products .
I did go on a San Pedro journey drinking 10g of paste and eating dry skin. Looking forward to try the ayahuasca paste . The rapé received is great ! Also enjoying the Mapacho tobacco , saving it during medicinal use. Tasty compared to our usual smokes..... I have found a deep love and respect for Matses Tribe. Thank you so much , you are a blessing . Looking forward to try more products and help others find & try your products! My video would not download error occurred ? Miigwetch !

zimmerluet | January 17, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

The Ambil seems to be of highest quality. I can feel the presents of the spirit of grandfather tobacco. He helps me to increase my connection with mother earth and to be focused. I highly recommend the properties and taste. Thanks to matses. Blessings!

krzyniubienkowski | January 16, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Una gran selección de productos de buena calidad, buen servicio y contacto con el vendedor que recomiendo a todos.

Noriaki Wada | January 6, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

I did a San Pedro ceremony in the beach of Okinawa island with my friends.
Ocean campfire full moon and spirits of the land and spirit of San Pedro all together every thing went perfect.
I will strongly recommend San Pedro paste, everyone who reading this review should try it. that’s my opinion.
By the way I ordered ayahuasca too and it was sent in the same day from Peru San Pedro has been received in about two weeks, but I haven’t received ayahuasca yet it’s been more than a month I hope I will receive it soon and then I will post another review.
Thank you so much who are selling this stuff, who are making this stuff, and thank you to the plants and the sprits.

Bryan Widmer | January 3, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

With the deepest of gratitude and respect, words cannot express how grateful I am to have connected with tribematses . Thank You for sharing nature.

Igor Kubrakov | December 18, 2020
(Qualification 5/5)

I ordered mapacho cigarillos from to be delivered to the United Kingdom. To avoid any possible issues with Serpost the delivery was ordered by DHL. Delivery took 7 days, the package travelled via Panama-Miami - London with customs clearance in the USA and UK. The package seems to be opened at UK border but everything is in order. DHL charged extra for customs duty. Thanks for prompt delivery and wonderful mapacho!
Заказывал мапачо с доставкой в Великобританию. Доставку оформили через DHL, так как ранее уже терялись посылки отправленные через Serpost. Пакет, судя по всему, вскрывали на британской границе, но всё на месте. DHL содрал немного свеху за растаможку, но всё приехало за 7 дней, как и обещали.

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