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AMBIL Ampiri Strong Paste 100x Mapacho Extract (Spirit Of The Mapacho) Huitoto Tribe

AMBIL Ampiri Strong Paste 100x Mapacho Extract (Spirit Of The Mapacho) Huitoto Tribe


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Ambil, Ampiri Strong Paste 100x Mapacho Extract Huitoto Dream

Content: Extract of Mapacho + Vegetal salt or salt of the jungle (Inayuga)

Very powerful and fresh, This extract is made by our Huitotos tribe of the Putumayo River

Use: for coca ceremonies:

The native Huitotos of the Putumayo River take the leaf of Coca reduced to a fine powder and to this they add the ashes of the tree acetic. The result is a kind of dark green flour. To use it they put it in spoonfuls in their mouth and mix it with Ampiri, a mixture of Mapacho and a special salt. This way of coking, also used by the Bora people, transforms the effect of Coca into a sense not only visionary but also medicinal and purgative. The Ampiri is in charge of this. This Ampiri is reduced Mapacho juice mixed with a salt that comes from a palm called Inayuga. The result is a thick syrup that is mixed with Coca. Thus, we have three elements that work in a single coking ceremony: Coca as a tonic-visionary medicine, Mapacho as purgative and energy protector, and Inaguya, key to open consciousness and cleanse the mind.

Used by the Huitoto tribe


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Marco Benedettini | November 1, 2023
(Qualification 5/5)

Very good quality of kambo, strong and direct. It lasts longer than other products and keep the effect after years. Reccomanded!

Ananda-j | October 21, 2023
(Qualification 5/5)

toujours aussi parfait🙏🌱💚
Paquet arrivé en 11 jours cela est merveilleux .
Je vous remercie pour les produits de super qualité et vôtre travail merveilleux.
A bientôt

Chase Dockstader | March 15, 2022
(Qualification 5/5)

Recieved my order in about 11 days to Canada. I am really happy with everyhing I ordered. Very beautiful sacred herbs. Also bless you to the tribe, thank you for giving me extra Yopo Rapé. Also very happy with the prices. No customs tax on the package. I am a lifetime customer from now on. I am a very happy young Shaman from Oneida tribe. I feel blessed from creator ordering from Matses Tribe. I can feel how much love and intention and effort goes into preparing all these medicines. Most love 💛

T.P | October 25, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Many thanks for all... The Mahuizo mapacho is very good, a lot of my friends want to order it.
A big hug

Ananda-j | June 18, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Super produit, rapidité de livraison hors du commun.
J'ai été livré en France en 15 jours 😊😁🙏🏼
J'ai hâte de repasser commande chez vous 😍🌎🌌🦚🌈

krzyniubienkowski | March 18, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

Recomiendo productos de muy buena calidad

zimmerluet | January 17, 2021
(Qualification 5/5)

The Ambil seems to be of highest quality. I can feel the presents of the spirit of grandfather tobacco. He helps me to increase my connection with mother earth and to be focused. I highly recommend the properties and taste. Thanks to matses. Blessings!

Günther Harms | September 21, 2020
(Qualification 5/5)

The Ambil is of excellent quality. Communication with the seller is very good and the delivery is well received. I'm very satisfied.

raffaelecentola | July 20, 2020
(Qualification 5/5)

Rapè, sananga y ambil de alta calidad. recomendado !!

erik venturelli | October 5, 2020
(Qualification 5/5)

llegado todo perfectamente , una pregunta sola como hago a comprender el Hape Inka desde el YOPO-AYAWASCA , falta alco por reconocerlo el codigo por hemplo en el orden
Todo perfecto

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