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150 Gr Mambe Or Ypadú Coca Leaf With Cetico Ash POWDER


150 Gr Mambe Or Ypadú Coca Leaf With Cetico Ash POWDER


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150 Gr Mambe Or Ypadú Coca Leaf With Cetico Ash POWDER

The Jiibie better known as Mambe and its consumption is very old in the indigenous cultures. This leaf is brought from the chagra, later it is roasted in an artisanal oven and mixed with the cetico ash, it is crushed until it is fine powder.
The Mambe is consumed by chewing one or two tablespoons, with the saliva a ball is formed that is placed inside the cheek, once you have the mambe in your mouth you can start a salivation process to obtain a chewable paste which will make easily release their substances with the beneficial properties of the mambe; Its consumption is particularly social because it is said that the Mambe means the word of life, the thought, where the power of the word arises.
The indigenous people of the Amazon use it for physical work, communication, ceremonial, healing and religious activities. For indigenous people, it is important to take into account the context in which is consumed because it is sacred and should avoid banalizing its consumption. Its consumption is associated with ways of life and a deep philosophy. That is to say, it is a cultural practice that is exercised with total freedom and autonomy.
This ancestral practice is carried out for spiritual and medicinal purposes by the indigenous people of the Amazon since time immemorial. When mambear, it usually involves all forms of consuming, in the sierra the whole leaf is consumed, mixed with lime obtained from the crushing in a poporo of sea shells. In countries like Peru and Bolivia it is consumed in tea or chewed with bleach, and in the Amazon it is ingested in powder with Ambil, usually the natives when they do not eat mambean.


Use the mambe in small portions. So we invite you to enjoy the heritage of indigenous America!


This Natural Product is packaged and sold as a Raw Botanical Specimen and for soap, candle, body scrub and incense making. Our products are not certified by the FDA and are not sold or intended for human or animal consumption.


Jennifer St. Mary | July 19, 2021
(Qualification 4/5)

This mambé is very good: serenity, gentle euphoria, sustained energy, improves socializing by creating the desire to communicate and the ability to listen. The folks at Matses were most helpful in assisting me with questions about my order. Really pleased! My order arrived about 2 weeks after it was placed; pretty amazing considering COVID shipping restrictions!

Jeroen Beers | December 16, 2020
(Qualification 5/5)

Thank you very much for the fast delivery of my orders. Thank you for shipping the San Pedro paste in a way that helps it to go through local customs and thank you for the generous quantities of the products. I deeply appreciate your efforts in providing a wonderful customer experience and I am looking forward to ordering with you again!

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