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Pure Copaiba Essential Oil Copaifera officinali 100% Pure Undiluted


Pure Copaiba Essential Oil Copaifera officinali 100% Pure Undiluted


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Pure Copaiba Essential Oil Copaifera officinali 100% Pure Undiluted

Some of the most important and impressive health benefits of Pure copaiba essential oil include its ability to reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, protect against infection, heal the skin, prevent fungal growth, boost respiratory health, improve the health of the skin and hair, improve bladder control, speed healing, tighten the skin, and lower blood pressure.
These are actually the effects which it produces upon consumption, or application.
Anti – Inflammatory: It is widely touted as the best anti-inflammatory  substance.
Cicatrizant: promotes healing of injuries by faster formation of scar or scab
Disinfectant: assists in cleaning out wounds, scrapes etc to prevent any infection by pathogens.
Emollient: fancy word for moisturizers
Astringent: shrinks skin tissue ( this has several cosmetic applications, as we shall see below )
Expectorant: aids in expelling phlegm
Hypotensive: aids in lowering down blood pressure
Pure Copaiba Essential Oil for Skin
It is absolutely amazing for getting healthier skin. In fact, copaiba oil is also generally safe to be applied in sensitive skin area , where most other essential oils may not be applicable.
Take 2 drops of this oil on a cotton ball and apply it directly ( without diluting ) on active acne.  It shouldn’t sting. Wait for 2 – 3 hours. The area affected by the acne reduces considerably.
Because of its super anti-inflammatory power, it reduces redness around the acne, making it much less noticeable. Use this trick daily and acne should be much less inflamed.
Stretch Marks
Pure Copaiba oil can be applied directly on stretch marks to fade them. If you feel stretch marks with adequate attention, it is easily noticed that these are depressions in skin. Apply copaiba oil as massage oil on these scars. The depression starts to fill up in a few weeks. Use this in conjugation with olive oil to fade away the stretch marks.
Sagging Skin
Apply it direct on skin areas which are sagging. Pure Copaiba oil boosts secretion of collagen and elastin to make skin firm and taut.
Varicose Veins
Pure Copaiba oil is excellent for helping varicose veins. It improves blood circulation of veins close to skin, allowing them to drain back and reduce pooled blood. This gets rid of varicose veins. No more compression garments to trouble your legs !
Pure Copaiba Oil For Pain Relief
This oil really stands out as a natural pain relief. This property is used in many products as well. In fact, its pain relieving effects can be even stronger than Wintergreen essential oil, which is well renowned for pain relief. Whatever be the cause of pain, this oil helps in lowering down the sensation of pain.
Arthritis and gout
Pain due to an injury. If there is a cut or wound, apply it on outer edges of wound to lower inflammation and pain caused by stretching of skin during scab formation.
Muscular cramp pain
Fibromyalgia – This is very helpful for people with fibromyalgia symptoms.
Back joint pain and sciatica – Use deep massage to relieve sciatica using this oil.
Against Urinary Incontinence
Children who have the issue of bedwetting, or even adults who have difficulty in controlling the flow of urine can make use of this oil. Apply this oil in generous amount on lower abdomen and massage. It helps to tone muscles of bladder and urinary tract, thus reducing the incidences of incontinence.
Copaiba Oil in Sitz Bath
If you never heard of it, sitz bath is a bath taken for the lower part of body only. It is used to relieve hemorrhoids and problems of genital region, like bacterial or fungal infections.
Add 8 – 10 drops of copaiba oil in sitz bath. Its mild antimicorbial properties help in getting rid of infections. It improves blood circulation and helps in hemorrhoids pain too.
Insect Bites
Hate it when wasps bite me. It swells up and causes throbbing pain. There are myriad of insects in our world, and many of them bite. Use copaiba oil on the bite to quickly reduce swelling and get relief.
Soap Perfume
Many DIY enthusiasts make their own soap at home. Its pretty easy. In that process, adding copaiba oil imparts mild fragrance to soap, which is great.
Lighten up your spirits
Smelling copaiba oil helps to lighten up tense mood as it has nice and sweet honey like aroma.

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Sharon joanne Bland | October 15, 2020
(Qualification 5/5)

Hi Tribe Matses,

I have received my order today from DHL, and not all of my order that I have paid for has arrived.

In the left photo is what arrived. There is a few items missing.
The long Tepi wasn’t the one I ordered. I will take a picture and show you the individual one I ordered.

paprica Has not arrived.
Mint I ordered 20g and received 50g
Copbaiba oil not arrived

Can you advice further please. I have sent an email along with photos

Warmest Regards

Hi dear friend
we had problems in its packaging, but we already sent it again ❤❤❤

Admin Juan
Customer Advocate at Tribe Matses

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